The Funded Creator




Reaching financial freedom can feel intimidating and sometimes flat out impossible. Have you ever felt completely stuck in your financial situation?

The Funded Creator. Walks you through the three phases of wealth creation, starting with your relationship with money. Most of us don't even give a second thought to our relationship with money. However, how successful do you think you'll be in a money relationship rooted in false beliefs, lies, and flawed expectations?

Next we move to understanding. Don't expect to have money if you don't understand how money works and how to position yourself in the financial landscape.

Finally, we scratch the surface of surfaces and tactics to maximize income in order to reach your financial goals.

What can I expect when taking this course?
Do you want to live a life of financial peace where past due bills and anxiety don't exist?
Well it's very possible to "buy" your time back and live life at your own pace.
Get financial momentum to create a life of travel and security.
Learn how to make money while you sleep and get paid your true value.
Gain the knowledge to pass down to generations in your family to create a new legacy of prosperity.

What does this course contain?
Step by step Power To Profits system where I show you how to tell your personal story and get paid. Take advantage of your personal super powers and get paid through multiple streams to use them for good.

What is the story behind the Funded Creator?
There was a point in my life where I was at rock bottom in my finances and physically. I remember crying myself to sleep because I didn't know how I was going to feed my baby girl the next day...
It was that moment that I became energized and found my purpose and identity as a creator! It was that moment that helped my to shape my mindset to one of success. 
However, ONLY having a mindset shift can only get you so far. The Funded Creator is the mindset, strategies, and tactics around financial freedom.