The Creator Mentality


What is the Creator Mentality?
The Creator Mentality is a course all about helping you reach your deepest dreams and desires by helping you tap into your unique "Super Power." 
I believe that every single person has a mission that only they are capable of completing and the only way to complete it is to truly come into your unique identity, which is your super power. 

Who is this course for?
The Creator Mentality is for everyone who has every felt like they want more but have no idea how to get there. This is for everyone who feels they are called to greatness but just can't seem to tap into it. 



The Three Secrets...
“We only have four scoops of formula left for our baby.” is what my wife told me…

I remember in that moment feeling hopeless and worthless… What kind of man was I that I couldn’t even feed my newborn baby?
I told myself that my wife would be better off if I weren’t here… She trusted me and I couldn’t measure up…

All I wanted was to live the life I knew I was capable of… The life I knew was possible…
Have you ever been there?

I spent my whole life thinking that life was a random roll of the dice. If you got sick that was just your luck. If you had money you were just born at the right place at the right time.

I thought that you always had to be a victim of the hand life dealt you. I had accepted the fact that I’d always be broke and always be trapped in my 9-5… But then some things changed..

Let’s just say I’ve come  a long way since then…


  • Hating going to work every day
  • Feeling trapped in an endless cycle of paychecks and bills
  • Never having the time to spend with the people I love
  • Losing important relationships because my life was all about making ends meet
  • Feeling insufficient as a provider for my family.
  • Feeling like a failure…

Have you ever felt that way before?

If so, let me ask you another question…

Why haven’t you reached that place of freedom yet? A place of freedom financially, physically, mentally, spiritually…

This can’t be the first time you’ve ever felt so disappointed that your dreams and goals feel impossible to reach…

You’ve probably searched Google, YouTube, Blogs, everything to try to find the tricks and hacks to be successful… But nothing has really worked yet…

What are you missing? What do successful people know that you don’t??

Well I’m here to tell you that today is the day when you discover the missing link…

So why am I telling you all this? Why would I share my secrets to success?

What makes this secret so different from all the other success gurus who are trying to sell their knowledge.

The answer is simple… Most programs that teach you how to be successful are completely focused around the THINGS you need to do, but don’t address the most important part of success; the part that makes you unstoppable… And that is your superpower.

Through tons of ups and downs I discovered the three secrets to uncover your superpower and breakthrough the road blocks that keep you from the life that you want.

But before I share those three secrets with you I want to tell you why I’m qualified to give them to you.

Now, I hate bragging about my accomplishments but I know that’s the only way that some people will believe in the possibilities.

Throughout my own journey to success I was able to have...

- A 7-Figure Online Business

- A Successful 8 year marriage

- Projects with Athletes, Actors, Musicians, and Celebrities

- Partnerships with big brands like Sobe, AT&T, Hot Pockets, and the NBA

- The time and resources to Travel wherever and whenever I wanted.

- 1 Million Followers on YouTube

- 500 Million Views on YouTube

But it all started as a desire to just pay the bills doing something I loved..

I know that’s probably where you are right now, which is why I can tell you that NO ONE cares as much about seeing you succeed as I do! I know where you’re at and I know where you can be! And I want to help you get there.

My Name is Dion Williams and I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

One of my earlier memories of my childhood was waking up to my mom having a seizure.

One of my earlier memories of my childhood was waking up to my mom having a seizure. I stumbled to call 9-1-1 as my dad was holding my convulsing mom... I remember waiting in the ER feeling like I had somehow let my mom down because I couldn't do anything to help...
That started a vicious cycle of striving for success. I wanted so badly to never feel helpless again. 
So I worked and worked and worked...

I just wanted to enjoy my life

I just wanted to be able to supply for my family

I just wanted to wake up and not dread the day.

I soon found that everything about gaining financial freedom was so confusing.

I thought if I just worked for myself I would be happy… right?

If I just made more money I’d be happy… right?


I spent so much time and what little money we had on trying to figure this success thing out.. And I felt like I was hitting my head against a wall. I was doing everything that SHOULD WORK! But it wasn’t… And I was more miserable than ever…

If this sounds like you then stick with me…
Here are my three secrets to TRUE success, fulfillment and happiness…




Your true superpower lies in your personal story… To be successful you must weave your story into everything you do.

Now before you write this off as stupid advice and close the page let me explain this because I didn’t understand it at first either.

Understanding that YOUR STORY is the key to your success is the INSANE missing piece that no one talks about!

I discovered this when I was at my rock bottom…
I was unfulfilled, frustrated, disappointed… I wanted to badly to reach financial success but I just felt like a fraud doing it… And then it all clicked.

You see, I had met someone that needed some coaching. They paid me $1000.00 to spend some time coaching them through some personal issues they were going through.

That’s when it made sense… My story is gold! My story can make me money! MY STORY IS MY KEY TO SUCCESS!!

You see, we are currently in a world that is starting to not care about branding and commercials and big advertising. In fact, people actually hate when people try to sell things to them! People don’t want a product. They want a STORY. Stories sell… But more importantly, stories add value, change lives and are genuinely you… there’s nothing more fulfilling than being true to yourself.

You’ve been told…
Just find a product you believe in.

It’s not what you know it’s who you know.

You have to just be in the right place at the right time.

You have to be the first in a market.

You have to get lucky to strike it huge.

And maybe there is some truth to these things, they are all HUGELY lacking in the truth…

Why do people go to see movies? It’s the story. Although some people may go to see movies for the special effects most people will agree that if the story is lacking the whole movie takes a hit.
And the same goes for your life… Without embracing your story you will never reach your full potential or fulfillment. You don’t have to be a great sales person if you’ve got a story.

That leads us to secret #2...




You can release the power of your story RIGHT NOW even if you feel like you’re still going through the roughest part!

So many people feel like they have to “get through” something in order to share it. They think they have to lose 200 pounds before they can be a success story, or they have to make a million dollars before they can teach people how to make money.

Even though those things help, there is EQUAL power in sharing the PROCESS of your story. Not necessarily the end result.

Remember in the last secret how I told you my breakthrough moment of getting paid to coach someone? Well in that moment I didn’t need to go out and learn more, or buy books or go to a seminar… I was able to teach them and in return make money solely based off of what I already knew!

People want to know that someone is there with them. We are getting past the age of “gurus” and “experts.” Instead, people are more drawn towards the person who is like a friend that is there with them through it.
They don’t need to see that you already have a six pack and haven’t eaten carbs in 10 years… They want to follow someone who is struggling but refuses to quit.

So share your story NOW! Don’t wait till you have the fairytale ending. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.




There’s a special group of people that only YOU and YOU ALONE can reach.

I’m sure you’ve told yourself before, “who would want to hear my story? There’s no one that this can help.”
YOU’RE WRONG!  I told myself the same thing.. And I WAS WRONG!

I wanna take a second and challenge you… There are 8 billion people on the planet! 8 BILLION! That’s A LOT of people! Within those 8 billion people, there are a group of people that you and only you can reach.  Your story, your personality, your unique experiences are EXACTLY what someone else needs. And that is exactly why you are qualified to share your story. You may not have a heart wrenching story of getting through drug addiction and then turning around and playing in the NBA… Maybe you’re a computer programmer who is sick of carpal tunnel so you figured out how to stretch… Guess what! There’s a group of people who needs that!!

I remember when I first started REALLY embracing my personal story within my YouTube channel… Things exploded! I was utterly SHOCKED by the thousands of people who related to me and connected to my story.
By being myself I was able to gain more followers which lead to more customers, which lead to more money and more fulfillment.

I was happy because I was sharing who I was with a group of people that needed me…
That’s the goal… That’s fulfillment.