The vision behind REV3RSE (Reverse) is one rooted in a war that I've been fighting since my childhood. The war against poverty & lack! A bloody war that is the birth of many evils. I remember from an early age watching my parents fight over money... I remember when I first started to understand the challenges that arose when you didn't have money.

I grew to hate money. I hated it for the pain that it caused in my life, the bondage, the pressure, and it's crushing weight! But I also loved it. I was indirectly taught that it was my master and I should obey it. That those that had a lot of it were evil. But at the same time it should also be my top priority. Finding it means finding success. Money was my God.

It wasn't until I got older and started to step into my true identity as a creator that I understood the proper perspective on money. It was never meant to have control over me. Matter of fact, the Kingdom that I represent paves it's roads with gold. We walk on it! I began to apply biblical principles to my finances and watched the amazing changes that began to unfold.

I stopped hating money... and also stopped loving it. It lost it's power. I wasn't moved by it and I wasn't afraid of it. The more of it I made, the more I realized that God is my ultimate provider. I had made money up to be this big thing but it loses it's power once you can see through it's illusion.

I've decided that I want a % of all of the profits from my Creator brand to fund the mission to REV3RSE the curse of poverty & lack. I want to start with simply funding hunger efforts both domestically in the United States but also overseas. But eventually I want to fund free workshops across the world and literature teaching people Biblical financial principles so people can take control of their financial future.

I don't believe we are suppose to struggle with poverty. And I don't believe that children starving in Africa is God's fault. I think there's more than enough provision here... and our instructions as believers are clear. But we're more concerned in being broke so we can appear more holy or selfishly hoarding abundance and prosperity for only our-self. I think it's okay to have stuff. I like stuff... but stuff shouldn't have you and our hearts should always be towards generosity. I think if we ALL did as we're commanded aka "trust God & what He says"... the world wouldn't look like it does today.

Eventually I see this becoming fully staffed with a broad reach across the world. Entire countries will be shifted as communities are rebuilt and instilled with Kingdom wealth principles. Through the grace of God, my amazing spiritual & financial advisers, and your loving support I believe we can do BIG things!
I'll have more updates here as we begin to make contributions and do events!