About Dion

Okay... so this is probably my least favorite page on my entire website because I HATE to talk about myself lol. But I get it... especially with there being so many liars online.

I'd say my story started out when I was born... right? But let's fast forward a bit through the boring stuff and talk about my vision... I feel like that's the best way to help you understand me.


I believe that we were all created in the image of God, a creator. And so our true identity is not only a child of God, but that of a creator. That's such an important but cool responsibility! God even made it EASY on us by giving us something called dominion here on earth! So basically we get to draw a picture with the BIG box of crayons... or we got the super duper upgraded business class official version of Photoshop. We get to go around creating things to help people all day.... create a family that shifts a community. Create a business that serves that community. Create a legacy that inspires that community. Create a vision that leads that community. God is so cool!

But it gets better... what's the best part about winning? Not losing lol. And winning feels far more amazing after you've been on the other side and experienced loss. Pain and defeat give perspective to prosperity and victory. If you only had good.... you wouldn't really know what "good" felt like because that would just be normal. So as a creator the roller coaster of life is just as fun on the ups as it is on the terrifying downs.

The story is only getting better.... this pain we feel is part of this evil force that we battle against like super heroes. This evil force is against everything we stand for and believe. This evil force has a game plan and an agenda. Ya know, the classic good guy vs bad guy story... and as creators we are suppose to use our powers for good to help people. God has placed this seeded potential in all of us. And there's clues in all of our lives that we can find when we know how to look back in the right way. We've all been given unique spiritual gifts, advantages, and talents! And when we use them we are walking in our purpose aka using our super powers for good.

I'm extremely passionate about sharing this message with as many people as possible. Whether that's through doing video game live streams, preaching, teaching an online course or doing a one on one coaching session. That's why this is DionDoes.com... because Dion does... A LOT! lol.

But there's one consistent them that connects it's all together.... Jesus Christ is the coolest ninja to ever walk earth (and my Lord & Savior) (#g1gb). But God's also equipped you with a super power that you have and you need to release it. Whether that's through creating content that shares a comedic message to entertain a community... or building a multi million dollar online brand that gives back and serves a generation... or creating change in your broken family. I believe you have a God given responsibility to create! And if you're living an uninspired life with no fulfillment it's because you are NOT living in that identity. So close your eyes... and create!

I believe that I will help millions of people release their super powers and create a MAJOR shift in the WORLD... and satan's gonna be pissed lol.


So in between the being born stuff I mentioned earlier and this grand mission to change the world a few cool things happen. Just to save time (remember I hate talking about myself) we are going to do my life bullet point style.

- Born (April 29, 1990)
- Grew up in stuff...
- Wanted to be in the NFL & be like my older brother
- Parents got divorced and remarried... just to get divorced again. More than once lol.
- Most of childhood was lived in poverty
- So broke that broke people felt bad for us
- Always struggled with feeling good enough
- Searched for significance in achievement in sports
- Graduated high school & then walked on at the University Of New Mexico (basketball)
- Quit after one year after strangely losing love for basketball
- Kinda starts talking to my best friend from high school (a girl, we'll call her Jazmine)
- Ended up wanting to be a rapper for like a year
- Convinced that girl Jazmine to marry me and move in with me and my mom
- Had a kid
- Got curious about not having a boss
- Went broke
- Had Another kid
- Cried
- Wife Got REALLY sick
- Started A Successful Online Business
- Felt Dope. Thought I Did It On My Own
- Felt Uninspired & No True Fulfillment
- Quit my business and turned into a ghetto monk
- Dabbled in the being broke thing again
- Wife still dabbling in the being sick thing
- Got fat
- Had an experience with God after seeking him
- A lot of things got better
- Including the fat and broke thing
- Felt inspired and on fire walking in my purpose
- Wife still sick but always fighting
- The money thing is doing great (7 Figure Biz)
- The fame thing is getting better (Over 1M Followers)
- The opportunities are growing (Partnerships w/ celebs & HUGE brands *cough* NBA)
- Feel a higher CALLING on my life
- Reminded that all those achievements don't mean ish on their own (Glory To God)
- Not one of transfer but of expansion
- Not out with the old and in with the new
- But adding to the fold
- Stopped dabbling in the entrepreneurial coaching, motivation, and biblical teaching
- Started pursuing mastery in those areas
- Began to grow confidence in stepping into that calling
- Wife still sick...
- Faithfully pursing a new development to my story
- Teaching & coaching others to make a difference
- Loving every minute of it
- To be continued...